12 Years manufacturer Truck Scale Indicator – XK3190-DS1 Casablanca Factory

12 Years manufacturer
 Truck Scale Indicator – XK3190-DS1 Casablanca Factory

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With advanced technologies and facilities, strict quality control, reasonable price, superior service and close co-operation with customers, we are devoted to providing the best value for our customers for 12 Years manufacturer Truck Scale Indicator – XK3190-DS1 Casablanca Factory, Our company will continue to adhere to the " superior quality, reputable, the user first " principle wholeheartedly. We warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and give guidance, work together and create a brilliant future!

1. Basic functions
Digital microcontroller speed, good compatibility with different protocols
● You can view a single channel digital sensor output signal
● Automatic and manual error correction corners; automatic detection work status of each digital sensor
● Optional second digital sensor interface, in order to improve the signal acquisition speed and resolution are two different protocols simultaneously connect a digital sensor compatibility issues
For the table without re-calibration:
Instrument consistency. For the table without re-calibration, simply enter the original instrument parameters can be used
Remote upgrade and restructuring:
Provide (ISP) remote upgrade and restructuring services
Speaking print custom:
Custom print format, optional serial interface and thermal printer print
Reliable protective immunity:
Hardware protection measures to effectively reduce outside interference and interface damage
1, the finished print:
1) Print content: Chinese goods name, customer name, business unit names and Chinese Remarks items.
2) Speaking of ways: enter the area code and computer-programmable information Chinese localization.
2. Custom printing:
Weighing a variety of documents) Weighing single report, a single cross-linking, and recorded the single vertical format;
2) The total list or classification of various schedules and statistics.
2, the mass storage:
Support weighed once and twice the storage mode, the store can choose whether to print.
100 Group customer number and customer name in English, Chinese and English numbers or notes information
Item 201 and English goods group name
1500 Group vehicle brands, tare and weighing record
3, a variety of communication:
RS232, RS422 / 485 (optional) communication interface, instructions or continuous mode;
Support: weighing systems management and computer network management more than one instrument. Local and remote meter online software upgrade
4, the password function:
Time off, the password can be modified to provide a random code to unlock.
For setting the parameters, the query records, clear records, and so choose whether to set a password.
5, anti-interference ability:
1) the use of chip technology, aluminum alloy shell and internal hardware circuit, effectively restrain the power of electromagnetic radiation interference.
Interface to take ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection measures 2) printing, communications, etc., sensor interface to take anti-surge measures to reduce the failure rate of the interface.
3) using optical isolation measures external print and communication interface, completely solve the printer and the computer when connected, because the weighing data drift caused by poor grounding, instability and other issues.
3. Technical?parameters
Connect 1 to 16 digital sensors.
Digital sensor interface: RS485 interface
Digital sensor power supply: DC 11.3V / 360mA, can be connected to 16 digital sensors
Display: 7 VFD, 7 status indicators
AC: AC 220V (-15% ~ + 10%) 50Hz (± 2%)

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