High Quality Truck Scale Load Cell – DS-10~40t for Russia Manufacturer

High Quality
 Truck Scale Load Cell – DS-10~40t for Russia Manufacturer

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As for competitive prices, we believe that you will be searching far and wide for anything that can beat us. We can state with absolute certainty that for such quality at such prices we are the lowest around for High Quality Truck Scale Load Cell – DS-10~40t for Russia Manufacturer, Our company maintains safe business mixed by truth and honesty to keep long-term relationships with our customers.



Unique bridge structure, cup and steel ball mounted, self-resetting and centering, good side force, resistance and shock resistance, moistureproof sealed, ideal for hostile environment ,simple to install, easy to use, good interchangeability, suitable for electronic truck scale, railroad scale, hopper scale and various special scales.


Technical Parameter
Rated Load 10t,15t,20t,25t,30t,40t
Sensitivity 2.0000±0.001MV/V
Total Error ±0.02%F.S
Creep(30minutes) ±0.02%F.S
Recommended Excitation Voltage 5V~18V(AC or DC)
Maximum Excitation Voltage 24V(AC or DC)
Zero Balance ±1%F.S
Input Impedance 775±5Ω
Output Impedance 700±2Ω
Insulation Impedance ≥5000MΩ
Safe Overload 150%F.S
Ultimate Overload 200%F.S
Operating Temperature Range (-30~+70)℃
Compensated Temperature Range (-20~+60)℃
Temperature Effect On Load ±0.02%F.S/10℃
Temperature Effect On Zero ±0.02%F.S/10℃
Construction Alloy Steel
Protection Class IP68&IP67
Citation GB/T7551-2008/OIML R60
Mode of Connection Input+:Red
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  • Graupner SK32 Harro Koebke 1.4m Scale lifeboat in action!

    Check out the Graupner SK32 Harro Koebke at http://goo.gl/b2XX45

    Check out bro Marpek doing his Harro Koebke water test!

    Can’t wait for him to complete the build! Looking forward! Hopefully this video will trigger him to start work! :D

    A very nice and scale boat! Beautiful!!!

    Thanks for watching!

    Who are we?
    We are a group of passionate RC enthusiasts coming together weekly for RC fun. :)

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    Visit us at http://SGCrawlers.co.nr and http://MyHoncho.blogspot.com

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    Keep RC-ing!!! :D

    The Graupner SK32 Harro Koebke search and rescue ship is part of our premium line products that are famous for their scale fidelity and quality. This model is our “Easy Build Up Kit” which comes with all the parts already laser precut and painted. All that is required is assembly using standard tools and a little model building experience. The fact that the model still needs to be assembled provides the builder with plenty of options to make changes and add additional features therefore increasing and enhancing the overall appearance of the ship to his own liking.

    The scale of 1:25 makes the SK32 a big ship with a length 1440mm (57 inches) and a total weight of 22Kg (48 lbs) it will have an impressive presence on the water. The smaller rescue boat is part of the kit and can be made functional with an RC system as well.

    Hull made out of strong GFK with deck attached to hull
    Pre-primed parts
    Deck and superstructure are made out of CNC cut ABS
    Many small vacuum formed scale parts made out of ABS
    Comprehensive decals with many markings and labels
    Stairs, winches, window frames, grilles
    Tail boxes and stern tubes
    Motor mounts and motors included allready assembled
    Brass propellers and rudder assembly
    Wires, pipes and many small parts

    Graupner SK32 Harro Koebke Kit
    Assembly Manual

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