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Slightly more than the total amount of the target market is expected to ensure the steady growth of annual PV installed. Prior to the National Energy Board issued a document, the photovoltaic power plant project is divided into ordinary photovoltaic power plants, base leader, poverty alleviation projects, distributed photovoltaic power plants with which ordinary leader Nianxia base by planning targets, poverty alleviation projects separately issued annual target distribution style and all self-occupied PV power plant is not performed quotas, and to complete the construction of the grid after the scope of subsidies. The National Energy Board issued a 2016 PV construction plan, the total planning 18.1GW, of which ordinary photovoltaic power plants 12.6GW, leading technology base scale 5.5GW. Taking into account the poverty indicators planning has not yet released (menarche 13 previous five-year plan in poverty alleviation projects planning Thirteen Five total size of 15GW, the scale of construction 3GW), is expected to total annual planning targets over 21GW, and in 2015 the total size considerably (2015 It was first issued 17.8GW planning targets, after addition of 5.3GW), slightly more than market expectations. PROGRAMMING under construction for the second half of the domestic photovoltaic project to lay the foundation to ensure that power plant construction in the second half after loading grab a whole stable throughout the year and size of the network is expected to exceed 20GW. According to documentation requirements, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) according to the list of common sizing photovoltaic power plant project, submitted to the Energy Board in July 2016 before, after December 31, 2016 included in the regional list of 2016 new construction projects can not scale change.

Project regional distribution more reasonable, efficient clear trend. From the regional distribution project, the National Energy Board to promote the transition to a photovoltaic project in the eastern part of the infinite power of regional trends clear, more reasonable distribution of project areas: 1) relatively severe power rationing in Xinjiang, Gansu, stop or suspend the release in 2016 of PV Scale (except PV poverty alleviation); 2) photovoltaic power plant in Shandong Province ordinary scale all new construction for photovoltaic poverty. 3) in the eastern part of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hebei Normal scale photovoltaic power plant surpassed 1GW, unlimited power project in the eastern region accounted for more than 70%. In addition, country-driven and efficient PV to determine the direction of the same trends, 18.1GW indicators leader base 5.5GW, accounting for 30%, in addition to parts of the requested item reference leader requested the Executive.

Industry favorable policies frequently, continue to be optimistic sector investment opportunities. Frequent recent industry policy, including the quota system, the protection of power hours, to support storage development, on the one hand reflects the determination of the direction of the development of photovoltaic determination, on the other hand but also conducive to promoting the stable development of the industry. We continue to be optimistic sector investment opportunities, the key recommendation of the leading standard has performance support and some transformational expected poor enterprises, such as Lungi shares, broad-minded science and technology, sunlight power, the East Sunrise, Lin Yang energy, Beijing Express, East Japan Shengdeng.

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