The spirit of “to provide customers with the most satisfactory products and services” business purpose, xxx Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. solemn promise: to ensure the advanced nature of the equipment, reliability and stability, while constantly improving the quality of services, from sale to sale delivery, commissioning opened, all aspects of equipment maintenance management, technical services, technical training and other users, to ensure that customers get the best service, customer satisfaction, rest assured.

1, to ensure compliance with the packaging equipment moisture, rain, rust, corrosion and vibration requirements, clear identification is correct, so that the safety of goods arrived in time to the scene.

2, high-quality, efficient technical services

In order to better ensure the normal operation of equipment, and timely answers to questions raised by users, help users solve the problem, the company maintenance center and local maintenance network, responsible for the opening of the country, maintenance and technical advisory services. Maintenance Center from full-time engineers responsible ready to provide technical advisory services free of charge.

To ensure that the user received a phone fault, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui within 24 hours to the scene, rushed to the scene within 48 hours in other regions, and solve the problem within 24 hours.

The company has a maintenance center 24-hour telephone service, by a full-time engineer to user acceptance, then, to ensure that users in the use of equipment in the process, timely technical support.

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