How to configure Sartorius Entris balance from grams to grains for ammo reloading

The Sartorius Entris64-1S (you can buy this for $994.51 at is a magnetic restoration balance that delivers accurate weighing results to 0.002 grains or 0.0001 grams. Long-range competitive shooters (600+ yards) always shoot for an edge over their rivals and one way is to shoot very uniform ammo. Weighing charges, bullets and primers to 0.002gn can make shot velocities more uniform within a shot string. Forget those inconsistent low cost strain gauge scales that weigh the same charge differently each time. If you want to win the competition you need every round to the exact kernel.

In this video we will walk you through the steps to change the default factory setting of grams to grains. once you make these changes your balance will power up each time in the grains mode. In this demonstration we use the Entris224-1S, but the steps are the same for all Satorius Entris models.

The Sartorius Entris64-1S is a great alternative to the discontinued Sartorius GD503. The GD503 incremented in 0.005 grains and the Entris64-1S increments in 0.002 grains. An optional 50 gram calibration weight is needed to calibrate the Entris64-1S and we highly recommend this calibration weight be purchased when you buy the Entris64-1S.

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Post time: Oct-22-2017
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