Wholesale Distributors for S “Type” Load Cell – ST-G to Philippines Factory

Wholesale Distributors for
 S “Type” Load Cell – ST-G to Philippines Factory

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S type load cell, tension and compression, good output symmetry, compact structure, overload protected, high security.Simple to install, full range of capacities, suitable for electromechanical scale, crane scale, hopper scale and various special scales.



Technical Parameter
Rated Load 0.5t,1t,2t,3t,5t,7.5t,10t,15t,20t
Sensitivity 2.0000±0.001mV/V
Total Error ±0.02%F.S
Creep(30minutes) ±0.02%F.S
Recommended Excitation Voltage 5V12V(AC or DC)
Maximum Excitation Voltage 15V(AC or DC)
Zero Balance ±1%F.S
Input Impedance 380±5Ω
Output Impedance 350±2Ω
Insulation Impedance 5000MΩ
Safe Overload 150%F.S
Ultimate Overload 200%F.S
Operating Temperature Range (-30+70)
Compensated Temperature Range (-20+60)
Temperature Effect On Load ±0.02%F.S/10
Temperature Effect On Zero ±0.02%F.S/10
Construction Alloy Steel
Protection Class IP67&IP68
Citation GB/T7551-2008/OIML R60
Mode of Connection Input+:Red
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